EXPORT – The Italian agri-food sector soars abroad

In the first half of this year the Italian agri-food products were exported for 18 billion Euros. This was announced by the Ministry of Agriculture. This is an unprecedented achievement, which compared to 2014 increased by 8% also due to the positive Expo boost. Moreover, according to a note from the Mipaaf, in June the US agri-food market has registered a 29% increase, with sales that exceeded 1.7 billion Euros in six months. “We are in line with the target of 36 billion exports by this year, said the Minister Maurizio Martina. This record figure shows the size of the power that Italy has in this sector and the strength of a business area made up of hundreds of thousands of small businesses that challenge themselves and aim to target world markets. The government is on their side and, for this reason, with an extraordinary internalization plan, in the next three years we will invest over 70 million Euros with a campaign promoting Made in Italy and fighting the Italian sounding. Consumers around the world look for genuine Italian products and we want to help producers meet this demand with real Italian products”.